2008 Award Winners

The 2008 festival screened 8 feature films and 40 shorts, from 12 different countries - A bloody buffet of the world's best horror cinema:

Best Film: Brain Dead Brain Dead
Best Foreign Language Film: La Antena La Antena
Best Short Film: Pumpkin Hell Pumpkin Hell
Best Australian Film: When Sally Met Frank When Sally Met Frank
Best Lovecraft Film: The Call of Cthulhu The Call of Cthulhu
Best Animation: Egg Ghost Egg Ghost
Best Music Video: Torture Device by Dawn of Ashes Torture Device
Best Director: Paco Limon (Doctor Infierno) Doctor Hell
Best Performance: Sammi Davis (The Double Born) The Double Born
Best Scream Queen: Tess McVicker (Brain Dead) Tess McVicker
Best Special Make-Up Effects: Brain Dead Brain Dead
Best Visual Effetcs: Eel Girl Eel Girl
Directors' Choice Award (Best Feature): Murder Loves Killers Too Murder Loves Killers Too
Directors' Choice Award (Best Short): Kirksdale Kirksdale
Fantastic Planet
Cockneys Vs. Zombies