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Fantastic Planet - Sydney Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival
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A Night of Horror in the Highlands!

Don't miss A Night of Horror in the Highlands: Saturday the 23rd of May at the Empire Cinema, Bowral.

This is a special one-off screening of two fantastic, locally shot films: Taber Corn, and I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer. Both award winners at A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2009!

Tickets are on sale now at the Empire. Get in early to avoid disappointment!

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer

For more info, visit the Empire Cinema site by clicking here.

Lesbian Vampire Killers in Australian Cinemas from May 21!

Two no-hopers. One cursed village. A bus full of foreign female students and an army of salacious lesbian vampires. It's going to be one hell of a night.

BAFTA winning comedy duo James Corden and Mathew Horne decide to escape their problems and pack their bags for a weekend of debauchery.

Things don't quite go according to plan and they find themselves stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. As the night unfolds the boys have to put all their fears (and dreams!) behind them in order to rise to the challenge of becoming Lesbian Vampire Killers.

If you were an Official Festival Fiend you'd be seeing this film for free! Join now for complimentary screenings during the year, assorted horror giveaways, and a full season pass to A Night of Horror 2010!

Lesbian Vampire Killers

2009 Festival Award Winners List Online!

The full list of this year's award winners can now be viewed by clicking here.

Congratulations to everyone!

Tickets on sale now for all sessions playing at Dendy, Newtown:
call (02) 9550 5699 to book yours!

Click here to view this year's program and find out what's playing where!

A Night of Horror at Dendy, Newtown

2009 Program Released!

The program for the 2009 season of the festival is now online for your perusing pleasure.

The first listed event is an exclusive pre-festival double feature this Saturday (March 21), 7:30pm at Mu-Meson Archives, Annandale!

Click here to check it out!

Feature Screenplay Finalists Announced!

We are very proud to announce that the selection of the finalists for the feature screenplay competition has been made.

Click here to view the list!

I Know How Many Runs, Ian Hunter forum, and both Metro Screen events were Sold Out!!!

Many thanks to everyone who attended the sessions for such a strong turn out!

Let it be a warning though: book your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

Short Screenplay Finalists Announced

After much deliberation, A Night of Horror is pleased to announce the finalists for this year's short screenplay competition.

Click here to view the list!

Bill Webb - Horror Sculptor and Official ANOH Trophy Maker - Speaks!

"I first became a horror fan as a kid back in the late 60's when I'd beg my mum to let me stay up and watch Deadly Earnest's Aweful Movies which aired on channel Ten every Saturday night. Those were the days when TV horror hosts were in vogue around the world and Deadly was our representative. It was a great time for horror fans with channel 7 showing its Creature Feature on weekends as well—ahh ... to live those days again.

My love of monsters and all things creepy continued into the 70's but as there wasn't much around in the form of merchandise then as there is now I had to be content getting my horror fix from watching movies..That is until the day I had a life-changing moment when I discovered monster model kits! The first ones I found were by a company called Aurora and I collected as many I could afford, then later in the 80's the Japanese started making them again but with wider subject matter and greater detail. Soon I discovered a whole world of monster model makers who sculpted and made their own kits for sale or for trade with friends.

I found that most of the kit producers had no formal training and just relied on passion and enthusiasm to carry them along so I thought I'd have a stab at it. To my surprise I soon found myself sculpting, molding and casting my own kits and I still enjoy it to this day.

You can check out more of my work at www.myspace.com/kamikazekits


- Bill Webb
ANOH Award Statue by Bill Webb

Free Public Forum with Visual Effects Master Ian Hunter:
Saturday, March 28 at 1:00pm

A Night of Horror International Film Festival and The International Film School Sydney are proud to present visual effects master Ian Hunter (New Deal Studios) in a free public forum.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Ian is one of the worlds leading visual effects supervisors. You’ve seen recent examples of his stunning work in: The Dark Knight, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Spider-Man 3, and War of the Worlds.

Ian will be screening samples of his work, special behind the scenes footage, and talking about the ins and outs of the visual effects industry. The free forum takes place this Saturday March 28, 1:00pm, at The International Film School Sydney, 27 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery.

For your complimentary ticket(s) to this one-of event please RSVP to Sam Mclean on: (02) 9663 3789

Ian Hunter's short film Allure

Ian Hunter's short film Allure is screening as part of the festival's H. P. Lovecraft inspired shorts program,
Sunday March 29, 4:00pm at Dendy, Newtown

Presented in association with:

The International Film School Sydney

A Night of Horror's Own A. D. John Interviews Toby Wilkins

A. D. speaks with Toby Wilkins, whose feature Splinter is playing at this year's festival on Friday, April 3, at Dendy Newtown.

Toby discusses his film, his career and his inspiration as a movie maker.

Click here to read the interview text.

More Feature Film Selections Announced!

A Night of Horror is proud to announce the selection of the following frighteningly fantastic feature films to be added to the lineup for this year's fest:



A young couple has retreated to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend – but the trip quickly spirals into a nightmare when they are car-jacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend. Thrown together by chance, no one can imagine the terrifying horror that awaits the two couples at the remote and isolated gas station.

Fantastically paced, with smart, motivated characters, and plenty of cool scares and gore, Toby Wilkins' Splinter is the best monster flick we've seen in years. So, we're not at all surprised that the film recently won almost every major award at Screamfest (The USA's biggest horror film festival) including: Best Film, Best Director, Best Special Effects, Best Makeup, Best Editing, & Best Score).

This is one horror film that you do not want to miss!

Dread Central says, "Splinter is garnering quite the buzz and with good reason -- it kicks ass!"

Click here to read ANOH team member A. D. John's interview with Toby Wilkins, the film's director.
The Brøken


The Brøken is the creepily atmospheric second feature film from Oscar and BAFTA nominated director Sean Ellis (Best Short Film: Cashback).

On a busy street in London, Gina (Lena Heady) thinks she sees herself drive past in her own car. Stunned by this strange event, Gina follows the mystery woman up to her apartment. From here, events take an eerie turn for the worse until Gina's awareness slides from solid reality into a nightmarish existence.

I'll Never Die Alone (No Morire Sola)


Stand on your feet, or die on your knees.

No Morire Sola is probably the most shocking film you will see this year, reminiscent of such exploitation classics as I Spit On Your Grave, They Call Her One Eye, The Bride Wore Black, and The Last House On The Left.

The film follows the traumatic journey of four female University students who travel back to their family home in the remote outback of the La Plata region, Argentina.

On the road they witness a violent crime perpetrated by local thugs. They are captured, hideously violated and some are shot dead...

The surviving women, out of sheer determination for revenge, mercilessly pursue their attackers to the bitter end.

If you are offended by scenes of strong violence and brutality, you had better sit this one out...

Plague Town


For a dysfunctional American family, a bonding trip to the Irish countryside is about to go very, very wrong. Folksy locals have a sinister agenda. The forest is filled with packs of giggling, deformed children who enjoy playing sadistically depraved games. And in the nearby village, kindly grandmothers knit a waking nightmare while a blind maiden patiently awaits a suitor. The night fills with joyous laughter and screams of agony. Now the ultimate horror is about to hit home...in a place called Plague Town.

Michael Gingold, of Fangoria, praises Plague Town as "evoking the genuine feeling of a nightmare captured on celluloid".

The Dead Outside


In the stark aftermath of a neurological pandemic, two strangers come together on an isolated Scottish farm. April, a 16 year old survivor with a dark past has survived alone for months. Daniel, a man bereaved, clings desperately on to hope of life in the outside world. Questioning his own sanity in the face of the maddened and distant cries of the suffering, he finds that the true enemy isn't the virus, but something much closer to home. The Dead Outside was shot over two weeks in the freezing cold hills of rural Scotland.

Left Bank (Linkeroever)


When Marie, an introverted young athlete collapses and is forced to rest, she decides to move in with her new boyfriend in his flat in Left Bank. Their passionate relationship seems to be really helping her, until she discovers that the previous tenant of the flat mysteriously disappeared. Marie begins to doubt whether she can really trust her boyfriend. Life in Left Bank, once envisaged as a dream town, starts to become an alienating nightmare. Slowly, she loses her grip on reality.

Left Bank is imbued with an unsettling atmosphere, with echoes of 70s genre classics like The Wicker Man and Rosemary's Baby.

Official 2009 selections to be announced soon!

Due to the amazing number of films submitted to the festival this year, and especially because of the fantastic overall calibre, our programming team are still knee-deep in gore. In fact, they've even convinced us to extend the number of sessions at the festival this year, so we will be screening more gut-wrenching cinema than ever before!

So Sydney-siders, get ready for what will truly be the best and bloodiest A Night of Horror yet!

(All filmmakers will be notified of the final decision within the coming week).

A Night of Horror Giveaways at Metal Night - Saturday February 21, 9pm

Metal Night at the Sly Fox, February 21

Don't miss your chance to win free passes to A Night of Horror, at Metal Night (Sly Fox Hotel, 199 Enmore Road, Netwown) on Saturday night February 21!

Metal Night is a bi-monthly event from 9pm - 3am. It's free entry! So come along to the next event, enjoy a wide range of metal - from glam to black metal - and you might just grab yourself a free pass to A Night of Horror 2009!

More details at: Metal Night MySpace Page

The First Five Feature Films Selected for the 2009 Festival Announced!

A Night of Horror International Film Festival is screening a bounty of blood-soaked treats this year, including 14 pulse-charging feature films and a terrifying assortment of shorts and music-videos.

See below for a sneak peek of 5 of the feature films selected for this year's festival. And keep your eye's peeled on the festival's website in the weeks to come as more films are announced!

Family Demons


They never let you go.

When Billie, an abused teenage girl, murders her alcoholic mother, she is horrified to discover that the mother’s vengeful spirit returns to haunt her. Even in death, the mother is hell bent on denying Billie her freedom.

FAMILY DEMONS will leave you uncertain as to whether you are watching reality or a character’s perception of reality, similar in tone to THE SIXTH SENSE and THE OTHERS. Thematic and visual references in FAMILY DEMONS hark back to Brian de Palma’s horror classic, CARRIE and contemporary Japanese and Korean ghost stories, such as THE GRUDGE and TALE OF TWO SISTERS. Inspired by real events, FAMILY DEMONS is a powerful and disturbing chiller, and an amazing feature debut from director Ursula Dabrowsky. We are proud to host the world premiere of her film at A Night of Horror.

*Ursula is flying in from Adelaide for a Q&A at her screening. She will also be on the panel at the festival's Horror Filmmaking Forum at Metro Screen on Wednesday, March 25. *



Mass Murder... it's just not cricket.

In the heady Australian summer of ‘89 a young cricketer is hospitalized by his bullying teammates. 20 years later he returns to his homeland to wreak his bloody revenge. Scotland Yard hotshot Kim Reynolds arrives in Sydney to assist New South Wales Detectives Gary Chance and Shane Scott in the hunt for the serial killer terrorizing Sydney. The remaining team members are relocated to a safe house in Joadja Creek, Illawarra; unfortunately it doesn’t turn out to be that safe!

One by one in the remote Australian outback the team members are dismissed by a moustachioed serial killer with a razor sharp cricket glove and an arsenal of sharpened stumps.

The Australian cricket-themed comedy horror feature film, I KNOW HOW MANY RUNS YOU SCORED LAST SUMMER steps up to crease in 2009. Sharpen up your game.

*Meet Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner, the film's directors/producers, at the screening's Q&A and also at the fest's Horror Filmmaking Forum.*

Mum & Dad


They f**k you up.

Set around a major London airport, MUM & DAD is about a murderous and perverse family who live at the end of a runway. They live off the airport, feeding off the black market and sending their two adopted children out to bring back victims for Mum to torture and Dad to kill.

Lena, a young Polish worker, is one of these victims. The film charts Lena's battle to survive Mum and Dad's savage parental regime, until finally, Lena finds her only way out is to become as savage and brutal as the family itself.

Gore Zone calls MUM & DAD "The Best UK Horror of the last decade". See it for yourself, and you'll know why.

Reel Zombies


When the dead rise, the cameras roll.

Independent zombie filmmakers, (real-life) Producer Mike Masters and Director David J. Francis, the team behind the commercially unsuccessful ZOMBIE NIGHT 1 and 2, set about to complete their trilogy, only this time, using the real zombies that have taken over much of the world.

With a full crew and a documentarian following them all the way, Masters and Francis embark on the production of their masterpiece only to discover that shooting in a post-apocalyptic world offers even more challenges than they faced on the first two films.

REEL ZOMBIES is a hilarious thrill-ride and the most original zombie film of the decade.

*Mike Masters and David J. Francis - the co-directors/producers and stars of REEL ZOMBIES - will be at the fest for a Q&A and for the Horror Filmmaking Forum at Metro Screen on March 25.*



A beach party rock and roll monster movie!

From Jay Wade Edwards (Producer of the Cartoon Network’s cult Adult Swim series AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE) comes this fantastically realised homage to a bygone era of hip monster-meets-bikini-babes flicks.

Set in 1966, the film features an all-girl garage rock band and the legend of the Skunk Ape (the Florida Everglades' Bigfoot). The Violas are on tour when their van breaks down in a small southern beach town.

The local police are investigating a mass of mysterious debris on the beach and the disappearance of a little girl’s parents.

Scientist John Patterson and mechanic Hector Garcia fall for Violas' lead singer Theodora, but she seems to have no interest in them, possibly because of a mysterious past. Hector convinces the girls to stay in town when he offers to repair their van in exchange for playing his party, but a strange creature is on the loose...

REEL ZOMBIES is presented in association with:

Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival

Stuart Gordon’s STUCK - Australian Premiere - Sunday November 30, 8:30pm

A Night of Horror International Film Festival, in partnership with Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival, presents the Australian premiere of STUCK.

Cult director Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, EDMOND) delivers this darkly comic, bloody thriller for our times.


Don’t miss this very special premiere screening!

Venue: Dendy Opera Quays Cinema, 9/2 East Circular Quay
Time: Sunday November 30, 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Tickets: $15 / $12 concession.

Book now from Moshtix: www.moshtix.com.au

1300 GET TIX (438 849) and all Moshtix outlets.

Tickets are also available at the venue from 30 minutes before the screening, subject to availability.

Screening at:

Possible Worlds

DYING BREED Special Sydney Screening - Thursday October 30, 7:00pm

A Night of Horror International Film Festival presents a special sneak-peak screening of DYING BREED - just in time to get your blood curdling for Halloween!

SPECIAL GUESTS: Leigh Whannell (SAW) and Nathan Phillips (WOLF CREEK), the stars of DYING BREED - along with co-stars Mirrah Foulkes and Melanie Vallejo - and director Jody Dwyer will be at the screening to introduce their film!

DYING BREED was a hit at the Fantasia and Tribeca Film Festivals. Now you can be one of the first people in Australia to see this terrifying new Aussie horror feature film.

Dying Breed

Visit the official DYING BREED website here: http://www.dyingbreed.com.au

*PLUS* Horror DVDs and other giveaways - including fantastic CRUMPLER bags - on the night!

Venue: Dendy Cinema, 261-263 King Street, Newtown
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Tickets: $15/$12.
Don't miss out.
Book now from Dendy Newtown (02) 9550 5699
 Dendy Cinemas

Sponsored by:

Crumpler  Filmink


Friday 10th October, 9:00pm at The George

A Night of Horror is proud to bring a selection of the world’s best and bloodiest short films to MUFF! The program features a cornucopia of terrifying Melbourne premieres, including: The Demonology of Desire, a pulse-charger about teenage love gone disturbingly wrong from Rodrigo Gudino (founder of Rue Morgue, the world's top horror magazine). Some other highlights are: Dara, a stylish and action-packed exercise in torture porn by Indonesia's Mo Brothers; and The Ancient Rite of Corey McGillis, Australian auteur Dalibor Backovic’s breathtaking tale of terror from beyond the grave.

Whatever your taste in horror, your appetite will be fully satiated with this blood-soaked cinematic buffet!

More details at: www.muff.com.au


MovieMaker Magazine
The latest issue (no. 76) of MovieMaker Magazine includes A Night of Horror International Film Festival amongst "eight great fests" of the spring 2008 festival circuit.

The article quotes Kevin Tenney, whose sensational zombie film BRAIN DEAD won Best Film, and Best Special Make-up Effects at the 2008 festival (as well as "Best Scream Queen" for the film's lead actress Tess McVicker). Tenney describes A Night of Horror as "a well-organised, good-sized festival that actually sought out independent horror instead of the Milquetoast, homogenised studio films that pass as 'horror' these days."

Writer/Director Paul Campion, whose most recent short film - the breathtaking EEL GIRL - won best visual effects at the 2008 festival, is also interviewed in the piece. According to Campion "the feedback and exposure from A Night of Horror was so good… the organizers are really passionate about horror films and horror filmmaking in general, and as a filmmaker attending the festival they’re incredibly supportive and welcoming".

The Strangers in Australian Cinemas from August 18!

Lock the doors. Assume you're safe.

The horrifying events that took place in the Hoyt family's vacation home at 1801 Clark Road on February 11, 2005, are still not entirely known.

Champagne. Rose petals. Candlelight. It was supposed to be a night of celebration for Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman). But after leaving a friend's wedding reception and returning to the house, everything had collapsed for the happy couple.

Then came a 4 a.m. knock on the door and a haunting voice.

Is Tamara here?

Writer/director Bryan Bertino explores our most universal fears in The Strangers, a terrifying suspense thriller about a couple whose remote getaway becomes a place of terror when masked strangers invade. The confrontation forces Kristen and James to go far beyond what they thought themselves capable of if they hope to survive.

If you were a "fiend of the festival" you'd be seeing this for free! Join now for similar great horror freebies throughout the year!

The Strangers

Horror Screenplay Competition Announced!

We are excited to introduce the inaugural A Night of Horror Screenplay Competition.

Think you've written the next breakthrough horror script? We want to see it, and, if it's as good as you think, we'll even help promote it!

Yes, there will be prizes for the winner. But the most exciting news of all is that a representative from Lionsgate, the world's leading distributor of horror cinema, will be reading the three finalist feature length screenplays! This is your chance to have your script recommended to the industry.

There are categories for both feature length and short screenplays.

Click here for entry details.

Dean and Dalibor in W.A.
On tour with the festival in Western Australia: Award-winning filmmaker Dalibor Backovic and festival director Dean Bertram (with a few friends) read the frightfully entertaining horror mag "Something Wicked".

A Night of Horror at Revelation Perth International Film Festival
(Friday July 4, 2008)

Come feast your eyes on the latest best and bloodiest flicks from Sydney's A Night of Horror International Film Festival. Don't expect a B grade schlock horror movie marathon here. This spectacular collection of brand new work from the international modern day masters of terror will prove a delight to those who lean toward the macabre for their entertainment.

See it at Revelation Perth International Film Festival Friday July 4th at the Astor Cinema Beaufort St Mt Lawley. Session begins at 9pm and bar opens from 8pm. Tickets available from the Astor Cinema and Planet Video. For more festival information go to www.revelationfilmfest.org

A Night of Horror  A Day of Horror

A Day of Horror Discussion Panel at Revelation Perth International Film Festival
(Saturday July 5, 2008)

A discussion panel on the horror film genre will be held on Saturday July 5th from 12pm - 2pm at the Velvet Lounge (next door to the Flying Scottsman) Beaufort St Mt Lawley. Special guests include Dr Dean Bertram (ANOH festival director), Dalibor Bakovic (NSW horror filmmaker) and Richard Wosltoncroft (Melbourne Underground Film Festival, director, anti-censorship campaigner). Speakers will discuss the Australian Horror / Genre Film and it's current state, how to fund a horror film, make a horror film and film distribution on the indie / horror festival circuit. A must for horror fans and enthusiasts. For more festival information visit www.revelationfilmfest.org

2008 Winners Announced!

Click here for the full list of winners from the 2008 festival!

Eel Girl

Image from Eel Girl, winner of Best Visual Effects, 2008.

Click here for older news items

Natalie and Harry

Natalie Coulter, lead actress from The Ancient Rite of Corey McGillis (winner of "Best of Fest"), poses with a zombie created by Stuart Rowsell (winner of "Best Special Effects").


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