2010 Festival Award Winners

Special Judges' Mention
Heart of Karl - directed by Steven Kostanski (CAN)

Best Lovecraft Short Film
Frank Dancoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer - directed by Andrew Jones (USA)

Best Animated Short Film
The Screaming Skull - directed by Ashley Thorpe (UK)

Best Australian Short
A Positive - directed by Chris Bamford and Serge Ou

Best Short Film
2:22 - directed by Steven Shea (USA)

Audience Choice Award from the Australian Short Showcase
(Tie) The Clothes - directed by Toby Morris / Mr. Pin - directed by Andrew Daley

Best Music video
Living Lache – It Was So Mad - directed by Lucas Zach (AUSTRIA)

Best Special Effects
The Dark Lurking - directed by Gregory Connors (AUS)

Best Female Performance
Caroline Marohasy - The Horseman (AUS)

Best Male Performance
Peter Marshall - The Horseman (AUS)

Best Australian Director
Steven Kastrissios - The Horseman

Best Australian Film
The Horseman - directed by Steven Kastrissios

Best Director
Kerry Prior - The Revenant (USA)

Best Film
The Revenant - directed by Kerry Prior (USA)

Independent Spirit Award (Feature Film):
House of Flesh Mannequins - directed by Domiziano Cristopharo

Independent Spirit Award (Short Film):
The Dead Wastes - directed by Wade K. Savage

Feature Screenplay Winners
1st place: Curse of the Swampies - written by Steve Carter, Antoinette Rydyr & Paul Elliott
2nd place: # 14 - written by Solomon Grundy
3rd place: Macau Twilight - written by Tony Shyu

Feature Screenplay Finalists
Dealing Death- written by Sarah W.
The Hunter and The Pet - written by Annisa Zainal
Infected - written by James Schannep
The Romanian Tomb - written by Erik von Wodtke
Running for Daylight - written by Jon Niccum and Patrick Rea
The Sleeping Deep - written by Jeffrey Blake Palmer
Wings of Stone - written by Joe Montrone & Gary Natoli

Short Screenplay Winners
1st place: Gabriel-Ernest - written by Valentine Stockdale
2nd place: Stranger - written by Bryn Tilly
3rd place: Rabbit - written by Paul Robson

Short Screenplay Finalists
Victor - written by Frank Dana
Brainteaser - written by Goran Six
Fleecing American - written by Anne Kruse
Death's Row - written by Mike Kaplan
Just a Nibble - written by Michael Hogan
Ronald's Rap - written by Anne Kruse
iNowImmortal - written by Sonja York
Trick-or-Treat - written by Carlos Perez
Surveillance 101 - written by Randy Gross
The Harvest - written by Tamara Kagel

Special thanks to the festival's judges:

Antony I. Ginnane (SPAA, IFM World Releasing)
Brian Trenchard-Smith (director - Dead End Drive-In, The Man From Hong Kong, Turkey Shoot)
Simon Foster (SBS)
Damien Slevin - (Winner of Best Australian Short ANOH 2009 – Break in the Monontony)
Stuart Rowsell - (Bloodhound FX)
Tone Egan - (A Sydney based writer/producer who co-wrote Needle)

Domiziano Arcangeli, Kerry Prior and Steven Kastrissios
Award winners Domiziano Arcangeli (House of Flesh Mannequins), Kerry Prior (The Revenant)
and Steven Kastrissios (The Horseman) enjoy a well earned glass of wine.
Fantastic Planet
Cockneys Vs. Zombies