Previous Years' Festivals

2011 will mark the 5th consecutive year that A Night of Horror will visit terror upon the city of Sydney.

Below you can view the festival's award winners from our blood-soaked past.

2010 Award Winners List

2009 Award Winners List

2008 Award Winners List

2007 Award Winners List

You can also visit the archived version of the festival's 2009 website at

2009 Award Winners Images:

Mike Masters and Leanne Armano

Mike Masters (writer/director) and Leanne Armano (executive producer) of Reel Zombies: winner of "Directors' Choice: Best Feature Film"

John Elfers and Ryan Harris

John Elfers (director) and Ryan Harris (DOP) of Finale: winner of "Independent Spirit Award: Feature Film"

Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner

Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner directors/producers of "Best Australian Feature Film": I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer!

Damien Slevin, Lisa Mitchell and Dean Bertram

Damien Slevin, director and animator of A Break In the Monotony (Best Australian Short Film), with festival directors Lisa Mitchell and Dean Bertram.

Blake Ryan

Blake Ryan the writer/star of Taber Corn (Independent Spirit Award: Australian Film) enjoys a glass of Howling Wolves wine after the awards ceremony

John Fallon

Director John Fallon accepts the Independent Spirit Award for his powerful short film: The Red Hours

John Elfers and Mike Masters

Two of the festival's award winners: John Michael Elfers (Independent Spirit Award: Feature Film - Finale) and Mike Masters (Directors' Choice: Best Feature Film - Reel Zombies) relax with their trophies after the awards ceremony.
Fantastic Planet
Cockneys Vs. Zombies