A Night of Horror Feature Screenplay Competition

Finalists (alphabetical order):


In a desolate town in the old west, a mother and her family come under attack from recently deceased residents who have come back...with a hunger for living flesh.

DARK CONTINENTS by Stuart W. Bedford, Stu Jopia, Niek D'hondt, Yannis Zafeiriou Yorgos Kasfikis & Sam Hooper

One by one, four companions aboard an intercontinental cargo liner are stalked by an impossible shape-shifting creature that can toy with the fabric of reality. Five chilling tales inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and Clive Barker.

DEVIOUS by Blu de Golyer

With a promise of $10,000 Johnny has to deliver a mysterious box to a vacant, yet seemingly normal house at the end of a seemingly normal street. He is instructed to wait in the house for the client. Things get a little strange. Let the game begin. Are you watching?  

DEVIL'S SHADOW by Neil Chase

To save himself from damnation, a dead cop must team up with his family's killer to harvest nine corrupt souls for the Devil.


A meteorology student and his friends plan to party while riding out a deadly hurricane in a seemingly vacated home, with dire results.

MAUL by Drew Jarvis

MAUL is a gory, splatter horror about a group of teens working late on Christmas Eve in a shopping mall where a bunch of deranged serial killers are hiding out.


Nic Cage comes to town for a film premier and winds up being at Ground Zero for a zombie apocalypse where he must prove to his biggest fan and himself that he's more than just a guy who plays action heroes.

ONE LAUREL CANYON PLACE by Benita Garvin & Kathryn Graf

A young New York couple relocates to bucolic Laurel Canyon hoping to escape their past and reconnect with Nature. But Nature has its own ideas.

STARSPAWN by Travis Bain

TV current affairs journalist Jo Danforth travels to the Outback with her camera crew to interview a group of survivalists who are preparing for some kind of apocalypse, only to uncover evidence that ancient aliens who once ruled the planet are planning to return to reclaim what was once theirs...

THE GORGE by Warren Cowell

From deep beneath the sun-baked clay, a master strain of predatory ant launches a ravenous assault against a sleepy Outback town, leaving the fate of all mankind in the hands of two exterminators hell bent on kickin' some thorax!

WHEN GIRLS COLLIDE by Stephen Anderson

Emma and Gemma, both fourteen years old are the very best of friends. That is until the arrival of Sam, the new boy in school, leads to jealousy, betrayal, then murder.



Winner: WHEN GIRLS COLLIDE by Stephen Anderson

1st runner up: DARK CONTINENTS by Stuart W. Bedford, Stu Jopia, Niek D'hondt, Yannis Zafeiriou, Yorgos Kasfikis & Sam Hooper

2nd runner up: NIC CAGE VS ZOMBIES by Ian Fortey


Fantastic Planet Feature Screenplay Competition

Finalists (alphabetical order):


Law enforcement is in pursuit, as a rash of gruesome dismemberments plague the local mountains. A group of friends, unaware of what’s afoot,  head out for a weekend hike. What happens next, and what police find, will leave you shaken as Terror meets Sci-fi head to head in this chilling nightmare about the unknown.

CROSSINGS by Fred Perry

A troubled young man and a reclusive WWII vet get tangled in the allure of a beautiful apparition.

DREAM BABIES by Mathieu Alepin

Two programmers must stop the world wide rampage of robot babies, the next personal computers, after a bad update causes them to develop dangerous temper tantrums.

HELL ON NEPTUNE by Robert J. Rodgers

An Army brat discovers who he is, and a weapon anyone would kill to get. That weapon ... is a ray gun!


Stacy seems to have everything...she's young, beautiful, with great friends and a great career, but one thing continues to stop her from finding true love...Stacy's a werewolf.

RESPAWN by Toofun West

Child Prodigy Gamer Isaac Washington wakes up from a 14 year coma to realize he's now 29 years old and has to face the apocalyptic world.  

TANGLED SPIRITS by Eric P. Granger

A splintered comet rips through the earth's atmosphere and interrupts and entangles five ascending spirits; plummeting them back to Earth. In the mayhem, the spirits return to their wrong bodies. The revived body of 8-year-old Travis, who drowned in the family swimming pool, now houses the spirit of a violent Hispanic gang member. A 35 year black woman and suicide victim Stella, now houses the spirit of Travis. His mother Christy desperately searches for answers only to find several other people whose spirits have also been switched by the rogue comet. Christy must deal with forces that challenge her very beliefs. 

THE SACRED SEA by Jonathan Fear

A senior detective must revisit his long-buried past when a pursuit of vicious Siberian criminals unearths a clandestine alien plot.

THE TANK by Neil Monaghan

2025: 7 astronauts, 28 months to Jupiter. But instead of deep space, deep water. One sealed tank, one simulation, zero contact with ‘Earth’.  Let paranoia begin... The Tank is a tense sci-fi thriller, packed with twists, suspense, revelations and edge-of-the-seat action.  The mission uses a giant simulator to test the long-term effects of space travel. But when the experiment turns on crew they have to fight for survival. And when the deaths start they realise there is more being tested than they could possibly imagine.

THE VOYAGE OF GENESIS 2 by David Thorndill

The earth's first interstellar spacecraft, Genesis 2, takes a crew on a thousand year voyage in cryo-suspension but crashes on planet Omega where they are captured by six-toed, stone-age humanoids ruled by an ebony Priestess. Commander John Hurley outwits Omegans and a traitor from his crew and discovers the Omegans are human descendants of Genesis 3, which left the earth a century after Genesis 2 but was ten times faster and landed on Omega 800 years earlier.



Winner: CROSSINGS by Fred Perry

1st runner up: DREAM BABIES by Mathieu Alepin

2nd runner up: TANGLED SPIRITS by Eric P. Granger


A Night of Horror Short Screenplay Competition

Finalists (alphabetical order):

A HARMLESS DINNER by Justin Nosler

A nurse's blind date with the town's most eligible bachelor turns into a nightmare when she discovers he's part of a family of cannibals.

ATMO-SPHERE by Steven Canfield Crowley

Once it arrives, abandon all hope. Benjamin and his dog Ace discover an unusual, metallic sphere near their home. Soon after strange occurences, missing people, and mysterious ailments begin to plague a small town. But will anybody be prepared for what happens next?

CASSANDRA by David E. Tolchinsky

A policewoman named Crawley finds the house that matches the latest picture by 'Cassandra,' a serial killer who likes to draw the location of her next murder. The house belongs to Dr. Field, an ex-psychiatrist now shut in who used to be known back in the 90s for recovering memories of satanic ritualistic abuse.  He reveals he had a patient -- a little girl named Cassandra Philips -- who recovered memories of such abuse, but they were “false” memories” – she was just telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. Regardless, Crawley is sure Cassandra is the killer and is on her way, but as dangerous and uncanny events begin to unfold, it becomes clear no one and nothing is as it appears to be. 

CIAO by R. Wayne Gray

John gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into an old country house.


When four friends investigate a local legend, they encounter a pair of dangerously demented brothers and their evil mother and learn the horrifying truth behind the myth.

FINGERS by Lachlan Marks

Spurred on by a tall story from his deadbeat Uncle, eight-year-old Tom takes it upon himself to confront a local legend and make a terrifying sacrifice for his family.

LITTLE LIGHT by Franck Zuanic

The Captain's guard, hot on his tail, are not the only ones the avenging Von Fantome encounters as he races with his young noble captive through the entanglement of the forest. There is something more sinister which now threatens to derail his master plan. An ancient evil with a hunger. A hunger for his very soul!

QUIETUS by Joshua Bartolome

A cancer patient's sanity is taken to the brink when a series of mysterious brain tests results in terrifying visions of cosmic evil.

RAT TRAP by D. P. Swanson

Rats in the attic? You wish! A young woman lures unsuspecting, adulterous middle-aged men into her attic in order to appease the monster that lives there.


Henry gets more than he bargained for when he's invited by his girlfriend to have dinner with her parents.

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF by David Brichetto

Police officers are dispatched to a teenage girl’s numerous emergency calls, but repeatedly find nothing amiss. Finally, one officer finds the girl's corpse, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. The officer conducts a follow-up investigation, and the perspectives of all involved merge into a shocking reality.


A French bisexual woman likes to sleep with her victims before she eats them.  When the zombies attack, she is faced with a moral dilemma.



Winner: QUIETUS by Joshua Bartolome

1st runner up: FINGERS by Lachlan Marks

2nd runner up: LITTLE LIGHT by Franck Zuanic


Fantastic Planet Short Screenplay Competition

Finalists (alphabetical order):

10262028 by Jason Wasley

A scientist searching for answers discovers life outside of Earth to only find himself even more alone and isolated then he could ever imagine. He must make a decision that will impact the future of life on this plane.

ANOTHER CHANCE by Antonio Manuel Chavira

After plunging back in time to save his relationship, Steve faces a cold reality: that he's wasted the last few years being a tremendous jerk.


A man whose brain tumor causes him to believe he's a 50s television character, shifts in and out of consciousness while in the hospital, switching between conversations with his family and battles in outer space.


In 19th century New England a starry-eyed young lady visits the studio of a widowed gentleman scientist and photographer to learn how he creates his fantastic images, but she finds herself a possible victim to his process and his obsession.

CLASSICAL IDEAL by Kevin Lennon & Ira Aron Rosenblum

In the near future a woman awakens to find that she has been transformed into an ideal version of herself - the only catch, her memory of the past has been obliterated.  Manipulated by a culture driven by vanity and unreasonable expectations, she struggles to find what she has lost.

DOWN THE DRAIN by Robert Sheppard

When a boy is sucked down a bathtub drain, he lands in an underground sewer filled with shiny rings, blue soapstone, and schools of goldfish. Will the soapsuds monster swallow him before he finds a way out?

FREAK CITY by James Brophy

The neon-soaked streets of 2159 are fearlessly prowled by two cops - an aging veteran and a confident rookie - who stop at nothing to extinguish crime. But soon enough, their systematic routine turns into a harrowing nightmare that nearly destroys them.


Three clowns need to acquire helium. Their way of life depends upon it. But their way of life is not what it appears; life is not what it appears.


A comical, yet; enlightening, touching, and possibly life changing comedy/drama/fantasy involving a convincing charismatic Preacher 'healing' strangers on the streets of N.Y.C.. His amazing presence captures all who pass by his very modest set up, and sincere 'look you straight in the eye' style, with miraculous endings. The variety of his 'chosen people' picked at random add to the charm of the story, but , will you become a 'believer' in the end? You might be surprised.

THE SEQUEL by Levi C. B. Preston

A "never-was" actor confronts the successful, holographic version of himself.

TO BE A DOG by Rimgaudas P. Kiliulis

When MS Hololens and Google Glass rejects his apps, Bryan starts work at the Canal Istanbul building company. There he develops a technology that allows human and canine senses to be interchanged.

VODOUN by Stuart Creque

Michel Dumont used a wax voodoo doll to double-cross his Vodoun mentor, M. LeBrun, so he could sell his own services to the corrupt M. Toussaint. But neither Dumont nor Toussaint understood just how powerful a priest LeBrun was.



Winner: DOWN THE DRAIN by Robert Sheppard

1st runner up: VODOUN by Stuart Creque

2nd runner up: FREAK CITY by James Brophy