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Entry Deadlines:

Earlybird: December 31, 2013.
Regular: May 30, 2014.
Late: July 31, 2014.
Final: August 15, 2014.

About the Festival:

A Night of Horror International Film Festival is Sydney, Australia's premier horror film event. Now in its eighth year, the festival remains dedicated to screening and promoting the work of independent filmmakers working in the horror genre from both Australia and abroad. What began as an idea for a one-night event (hence the festival’s name) now spans for 11 days. In 2014, A Night of Horror will again be taking place in conjunction with Fantastic Planet Film Festival. Together the festivals provide Australia's leading showcase of independent genre specific cinema. Combined, the fests screened over 100 films in 2013 (23 features films, and more than 80 shorts and music videos). Both festivals retain independent programs and their own specific award categories. The festivals' close contacts and active recommendations to industry buyers and sales agents has also resulted in sales for several films we have screened over the years, including: FAMILY DEMONS, FATHER'S DAY, ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, CRAWL, and THANATOMORPHOSE.

Feedback from filmmakers:

Steven Kastrissios (The Horseman): "A Night of Horror is fast becoming a major player on the Australian festival circuit. With so little support for local genre films, Dean Bertram and Lisa Mitchell's festival is a shining beacon of light. There's a genuine warmth and celebration of the films they support and it infects everyone who comes along."

Wade K. Savage (The Dead Wastes): "A Night of Horror is one of the most incredible horror festivals you will go to. Put together by people who love horror, it's an utter blast. Dean Bertram and the team are championing horror content in Australia, and what's more importantly, they are supporting true upcoming talent. If there is any horror festival you need to be apart of A Night of Horror is it."

John Michael Elfers (Finale): "Saying that we had a tremendous experience at A Night of Horror would be an understatement. It was our world premiere and exceeded our expectations. The festival staff was on call to answer questions, pass out programs and promote, not to mention their proud sponsors offering wine and energy drinks to power through long nights networking and celebrating. The screenings were packed, projection was gorgeous and the Dendy theater is beautiful. We had a blast with the Q&A after our screening. A Night of Horror is committed to helping independent horror filmmakers find their audience and get noticed. They put our film in the hands of distributors, reviewers, and got us on the radio. The personal attention was unlike anything I've experienced at other festivals."

Mike Masters (Reel Zombies): "I've attended all types of festivals across the world with Reel Zombies and my experience at A Night of Horror ranks amongst the best of them all. Festival Directors Dean Bertram and Lisa Mitchell do a great job and the festival is extremely well organized with a great selection of films making inclusion in the festival an honour. I look forward to seeing this festival continue to grow and expand and it will be at the top of the list for festivals to submit to with my next genre picture"

Seve Schelenz (SKEW): "I am very honoured to have been accepted and showcased at A Night of Horror. I can't think of a better place then this outstanding festival to kick off the world premiere of SKEW... I had an unforgettable experience here and look forward to submitting my future films in a hope to have my world premieres at A Night of Horror Film Festival."

Damien Slevin (A Break in the Monotony): "I was very honoured to be a part of A Night of Horror International Film Festival. As a lover of the genre it is one festival that I would want to attend, let alone be included in. It is the only festival flying the horror flag in Australia, which in some respects is unfortunate; but on the other hand horror could not have better representation than this gem of a festival. Aside from the great line up of quality international and domestic films it would have to be about the friendliest and most welcoming fest I have attended. I look forward to next year's line up."

Daniel Giambruno (The New Life): "At last! A film festival in Sydney which is not about having cocktails with public servants!... unless they have been dead for three weeks and still willing to tear the Scream Queen's dress into shreds... to start with! Horror and fantasy are without doubt the genres that give film directors the most creative freedom. And if A Night Of Horror is the only festival in Australia that celebrates these genres, that also means that is the only festival in the country that cares about the true essence of filmmaking."

Lee After (The Lone Wolf): "Going to A Night of Horror was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. From seeing awesome films to meeting the great people running the show, everything about the fest was fantastic! If you're thinking about going, don't think, just go!"

David Curzon (Overboard): "A welcoming and well organised festival with a great atmosphere."

Paul Campion (Eel Girl): "Dean Bertram and the other organizers are really passionate about horror films and filmmaking in general, and as a filmmaker attending the festival they're incredibly supportive and welcoming... there was no question of entering our second film... the feedback and exposure from A Night of Horror was so good."

What the press say about A Night of Horror:

Fangoria: "A festival of frights gorging itself on a diet of sinister submissions from local and international filmmakers, it’s the only one of its kind in Australia... an institution."

Encore magazine: "Australia's first horror film festival ... recognises the past and gives the horror genre a platform for the future."

Showtime Movie News: "If your taste runs into the darker side of life then you don't want to miss A Night of Horror Film Festival".

FilmInk magazine: "Fans of all things dark and nasty are in for a real treat."

Oz HorrorScope: "Sydney's first real horror film fest ... a fantastic event."

People magazine: "ghoulish gold for all tastes".

Drum magazine: "Australia's leading horror movie event... renowned and successful."

John Michael Elfers and Ryan Harris

Director John Michael Elfers, and DOP Ryan Harris accept "Independent Spirit Award" for their feature film Finale at the 2009 festival.
Fantastic Planet
Cockneys Vs. Zombies