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A Night of Horror 2014: Call for Entries!

The 8th annual A Night of Horror Film Festival is now accepting submissions to the following categories:

- Feature Films
- Shorts
- Animations
- Films inspired by H. P. Lovecraft
- Horror music videos
- Screenplays

Enter now via Withoutabox:
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Or click here for more festival details.

Sydney Underground Film Festival returns September 5th to 8th!

Sydney Underground Film Festival

The 7th annual Sydney Underground Film Festival is returning from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 September at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. With everything from Princess of Wales to Lindsay Lohan to killer birds to Tommy Wiseau to obsessed VHS collectors - SUFF is here to take you on a cinematic adventure!

SUFF's aim is to provide a space for audiences to celebrate and support local, independent filmmakers by screening their work alongside films from around the world. 100+ films, music, art, performance, networking, and workshops are presented over four days.

Head to www.suff.com.au for all the info and how to buy tickets.

The Taking - Independent Spirit Award

Festival Award Winners List for 2013 Released

The full list of our 2013 festival award winners is now online. Click here to view it now!

Special online only shorts session now available!

This year we are excited to introduce an "online only" session of some great short films submitted to the festival. Check them out by clicking here, and vote for your favourite!

2 Hours

Full festival program now online!

Click here to view this year's fantastic line up!

A Night of Horror/Fantastic Planet

THE MOVIE TRIVIA CHALLENGE returns for its second year: Saturday April 6!

Think you know the nitty-gritty of horror & science-fiction movies? Think you know your Omen from your Prophecy? Your Dark Star from your Black Hole? Horrorphile & sf-buff and Movie Trivia Challenge host Bryn Tilly invites teams of between two and five to rise (or descend, depending on your genre sensibility) to the occasion.

An afternoon of serious cinema-geek fun! Big prize pack for the winning team, and other give-aways throughout the afternoon!

This event will double as the unofficial launch of the 4th Fantastic Planet & 7th Annual A Night Of Horror International Film Festivals, screening at Dendy Cinemas Newtown from April 11 – 21.

Teams must register their team moniker & number of members to movietriviachallenge@gmail.com no later than midnight Thursday April 4th. Teams are encouraged to bring a mascot representing their team moniker as a secondary prize will be awarded to the team with the coolest mascot.

Where and When: Saturday April 6th, 2:00pm, The Velvet Room. Upstairs in the Bank Hotel, 324 King Street, Newtown

Eleven Nights of Horror are coming this April!

A Night of Horror Audience

Now in it's 7th blood-soaked year, A Night of Horror Film Festival returns to splatter the screens of Dendy Cinema Newton with buckets of cinematic gore from April 11 – 21. The festival promises to deliver a gruesome bevy of terrifying, and sometimes hilarious delights. So prepare yourself for eleven nights of the latest in spine-chilling cinema, and check back here soon: Our ghoulish programmers are in the final stages of stitching together the most horrifying body of films that Sydney has ever seen, and we are only days away from lifting the blood-soaked veil to reveal an early sneak-peak!

Paranormal Activity 4
Only at the movies OCTOBER 18

Paranormal Activity 4



BAIT 3D is in Cinemas September 20


A freak tsunami hits a sleepy beach community. A group of survivors find themselves trapped in a flooded underground supermarket and soon discover they are not alone, the tsunami has brought unwanted visitors from the depths. The survivors quickly realise their battle is not only to overcome the threat of drowning, but a threat far more sinister – hungry great white sharks.

Check out the official trailer here: http://youtu.be/ZYAdOdLH9JU

Find the film on facebook: www.Facebook.com/Bait3D

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION in Australian Cinemas Sept. 13!


In RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, the Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, ALICE (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.

Website: www.ResidentEvilRetribution.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ResidentEvilRetributionAUS

A Night of Horror 2013: Call for Entries!

The festival is now accepting submissions to the following categories:

- Feature Films
- Shorts
- Animations
- Films inpsired by H. P. Lovecraft
- Horror music videos
- Screenplays

More details here

David Blyth's WOUND now available in Australia on DVD!


David Blyth's shocking WOUND (winner of “Best Film”, “Best Director”, and “Best Female Performance at A Night of Horror 2011) is now available in Australia on DVD!

Ken Russell describes WOUND as “A two-headed doll! Iron-phallused Pig-man stealth! Birthing your own twin! The nightclub of dream-wandering! If your family of origin doesn’t kill you, you may just make it. You will love Kate O’Rourke as she encounters her delirious, incestuous monsters of the id in this romantically charged Gothic psycho-sexual horror tale by my fellow enfant terrible David Blyth. Gorgeous images and repulsive dream-surgery into the recesses of female consciousness. Enter at your own peril! A masterpiece!”

Visit the film's official site here: http://www.woundmovie.com/

2012 Award Winners Announced!

Fantastic Planet and A Night of Horror Program

Click here to view the full list.

Festival launches this Friday March 16 with BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW!

Beyond the Black Rainbow

(click poster to view trailer)

Fantastic Planet Film Festival lands on screens at Dendy Newtown from March 22 to April 1, but it launches from The Mu-Meson Archives! This Friday, March 16 at 7:30pm!

The launch includes the unmissable Australian premiere of the stunning head trip that is BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, accompanied by an assortment of horror and sci-fi themed music videos and short films.

Tickets only $10 at Door

The Mu-Meson Archives is located at the top of the metal stairs at the rear of King Furniture Building, cnr Trafalgar & Parramatta Rds, Annandale. (Entrance on Trafalgar street.)

First six terrifying films of A Night of Horror 2012 announced!

This year A Night of Horror has combined with Fantastic Planet Film Festival to bring you the most incredible genre film program that Sydney has ever seen! Running from March 22 to April 1 at Dendy Cinema Newtown, your tender eyes will be overwhelmed by an amazing array of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, Asian, and cult cinema. And never fear horror fans, there's just as much terror, blood and gore as you've come to expect from Australia's leading horror film event.

Check out the first 6 films we're announcing below: click on each poster to see that film's trailer. And, as always, we'll see you at the grindhouse! (But come back soon to see the fest's full program).

CrawlBelow Zero

The Devil's RockFather's Day

The Theatre BizarreH.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness


The Devil Inside

No Soul is Safe! and THE DEVIL INSIDE hits cinemas soon (March 1)! A Night of Horror together with Paramount Pictures are offering you the chance to win one of ten double in season passes. Like the fest's page on Facebook, or follow the fest on Twitter then keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win.

In 1989, emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi confessing that she had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter Isabella seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night. She travels to the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Italy where her mother has been locked away to determine if her mother is mentally ill or demonically possessed. When she recruits two young exorcists to cure her mom using unconventional methods combining both science and religion, they come face-to-face with pure evil in the form of four powerful demons possessing Maria. Many have been possessed by one; only one has been possessed by many.




© 2012 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 - UNCUT! Sydney premiere at
MU-MESON ARCHIVES, Fri 18 - Sat 19, November!

The Human Centipede 2

Tom Six, the demented genius behind this ghastly franchise famously promised that THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 would make THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE look like MY LITTLE PONY – he has delivered!

When the British censors refused to classify the film in June, it was on the grounds that no amount of cuts could fix the absolute wrongness within - well here it is, every last, morally reprehensible frame!

Bold, innovative, subversive and brilliant, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2: [FULL SEQUENCE] is a horror experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life – 100% Guaranteed!

Martin, a mentally disturbed loner (Laurence R. Harvey), works as a night watchman in an underground car park. Here he spends his evenings obsessing over a DVD of the HUMAN CENTIPEDE: (FIRST SEQUENCE), when the obsession becomes mania, he sets about creating his own version of the infamous centipede – but three victims is not enough, Martin wants twelve! And so the nightmare begins!

Limited seats, limited screenings. Monster Pictures presents in conjunction with the Mu-Meson Archives the Sydney premiere and preview screenings of the Human Centipede 2. Each screening will have a special live appearance by lead actor Laurence R. Harvey (Martin).

Friday 18th November late night preview screening
Doors open 10pm for 10.30 start. Tickets $20 (concession $15) (limited to 60 seats)

Saturday 19th November - Official Sydney premiere screening
Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start. Tickets $25 (concession $20) (limited to 80 seats)
Includes discussion panel and Q&A with film critics (to be announced) and lead actor Laurence R. Harvey (Martin).

Saturday 19th November - Session 2 - Late night preview screening
Doors open 10pm for 10.30 start. Tickets $20 (concession $15)

Tickets available at the door for preview screenings.
Premier screening tickets can be purchased beforehand during other screenings @ Mu-Meson Archives.
Please check the Mu-Meson website (http://www.mumeson.org/) for other screening times.

Mu-Meson Archives at Crn Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St Annandale at the end of King Furniture building up the steel staircase. Phone 9517-2010

A NIGHT OF HORROR Interviews AFTER DARK'S Courtney Solomon

Bryn Tilly (from Horrorphile.net) interview's After Dark's Courtney Solomon. Writer, director and producer Courtney Solomon is the founder and CEO of After Dark Films, a mini-major known for its commitment to horror. Solomon established his reputation with An American Haunting, a box-office success starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek, which he wrote, directed and produced. Solomon next redefined the meaning of film festival with the founding of "Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For", a weeklong, nationwide theatrical release of 8 of the best new horror films available.

After four years and 32 films released under the Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For banner, Solomon recently re-oriented After Dark Films from the acquisition and marketing of quality horror films to the development and production of original scripts for release under the title After Dark Originals: A New Brand of Fear.

Visit the official After Dark site here: http://www.afterdarkoriginals.com

From 6:30pm | Monday 31 October

The Grudge

Settle in for an evening of spine-tingling terror this Halloween, as World Movies celebrates with a late-night marathon of the world's scariest films. From 6:30pm on 31st October, tune in for four of the spookiest cinematic treats that'll have you sleeping with the light on.

First up is Hideo Nakata's Japanese smash hit Ring – the terrifying film about a cursed video tape that kills whoever views it, unless they can solve its mystery. Its critical and box office success prompted two sequels and a Hollywood remake, yet this is widely regarded as the original and the best. The Grudge, about a supernatural house with an axe to grind, was another Japanese horror hit that went Hollywood, while South Korean monster movie, The Host, unleashes terror on the city of Seoul. Finally, intriguing Hong Kong psychological thriller, The Eye, tells the story of a blind woman whose new gift of sight is both a blessing and an eerie, supernatural curse.

6.30pm The Ring (Japan, 1998)

This horror story surrounding an ominous video is a bone-chilling experience that will leave you captivated right until its shocking final twist. This is the cult phenomenon that has inspired two sequels and a Hollywood remake, and is a must-see for any horror fan.

8.10pm The Grudge (Japan, 2003)

The inspiration behind two Hollywood remakes, Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge is a frightening reinvention of the traditional western ghost story that practically resonates with dark atmospheric tension. A significant benchmark in the Japanese horror genre.

9.45pm The Host (South Korea, 2006) Australian Television Premiere

This South Korean horror flick by director Joon-ho Bong is not for the faint of heart. When a giant, unidentified monster emerges from the waters of the Han River, death and destruction follows in its wake, including the abduction of young girl, Hyun-seo. The story follows their wild rescue effort, which is hampered by the Korean and US governments who are eager to brush the incident under the rug.

11.45pm The Eye (Hong Kong, 2002)

A spine-tingling psycho-thriller from the Pang Brothers. A young blind woman receives a cornea transplant, and with it, the ability to see much more than she bargained for. A huge hit, the film inspired a sequel and a Hollywood remake.

World Movies is available on Foxtel and Austar (Channel 430).

Click here for further details

US Premiere of Award Winning THE TUNNEL at SCREAMFEST LA!

The Tunnel

Don't miss the terrifying THE TUNNEL (Winner of Best Australian Director at A Night of Horror 2012) when it screens at LA Screamfest this Saturday.

Synopsis: An investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them. This is the film of their harrowing ordeal. With unprecedented access to the recently declassified tapes the crew had shot in the claustrophobic subway tunnels, we soon discover the terrifying truth of their ordeal.

Plus a Q&A with the film's director and writers/producers.

When: Saturday, October 15
Tickets: $10

For more details, and to book your tickets, visit: http://www.screamfestla.com/showfilm2011.php?movie=Tunnel

*And don't forget the stunning Australian thriller CRAWL also screens at LA Screamfest this Saturday: see full story below!*


With a premiere screening of 'SECONDS APART' and a world-first look at footage from 'RE-KILL' set for a 2012 theatrical release.

PLUS – live Q&A onstage with producer and HorrorFest: '8 Films to Die For' creator, Courtney Solomon.

After Dark Originals

Courtney Solomon is the CEO and Co-Founder of After Dark Films - the most prolific and successful Horror production and distribution company in the US and the creative force behind the world's #1 horror film brand. Having produced over 23 films in 11 years (including six films currently in post-production), and having worked with the likes of Donald Sutherland, Stan Winston, Diane Lane, Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen; Courtney Solomon is an inspirational force within genre film-making set to rival the likes of Roger Corman. If you've ever wanted to understand what it takes to become a successful filmmaker in the toughest market of them all - here's your chance to meet and discuss the film-making process with someone who's 'walking the walk' and making horror movies in Hollywood.

When: Tuesday October 18 at 7:00pm
Where: Chauvel Cinemas - Cnr Oatley and Oxford Sts, Paddington, NSW

For more details visit: http://www.popcorntaxi.com.au

World Premiere of stunning Australian Thriller CRAWL at SCREAMFEST LA!


If you are anywhere near LA, don't miss this incredible feature debut from the China Brothers: Australia's answer to the Coens! This is the best Australian thriller that ANOH's programming team has seen in years. Crawl is a character-driven thriller set in an unknown, rural town. A seedy bar-owner hires a mysterious Croatian to murder an acquaintance over an unpaid debt. The crime is carried out, but a planned double-crossing backfires and an innocent waitress suddenly becomes involved. Now a hostage in her own home, the young woman is driven to desperate measures for survival. A suspenseful, yet darkly humorous chain of events builds to a blood-curdling and unforgettable climax.

When: Saturday 15 October at 12:00pm
Tickets: $10

For more details, and to book your tickets, visit: http://www.screamfestla.com

HELLDRIVER at Sydney Underground Film Festival,
September 8 - 11, 2011


The ultimate zombie apocalypse movie, full of chain-sword head-cutting ultra-violence! An alien-spawned, mysterious mist blankets the northern half of Japan, transforming those who inhale it into ravenous, flesh-eating zombies hell-bent on devouring the surviving human population. The country is immediately divided by a wall – on one side is a lawless, zombie- infected wasteland and on the other; millions of people just waiting to die. Nishimuras' zombies are unlike anything you've seen before; gunshots, decapitation and dismemberment just seem to make them angrier! Hope arrives in the form of Kika, a beautiful high school girl cybernetic zombie-killing machine armed with a chainsaw sword. Recruited by the government, Kika leads a ragtag group of desperados on a blood-soaked mission into the zombie-infected wilds to Japan of zombies!

HELLDRIVER screens at the Factory Theatre Marrickville, Saturday, September 10 at 10:00pm

For more details, and to check out the rest of the amazing Sydney Underground program, visit: http://suff.com.au/

THE WOMAN opens in Australian cinemas this August!

The Woman

Fresh from Sundance, where it was met with outrage and controversy, Monster Pictures is proud to announce the worldwide theatrical premiere of this modern day horror masterpiece. Based on a novel by award-winnning author Jack Ketchum, THE WOMAN is one of the most harrowing and original American horror films for many decades.

Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers, DEADWOOD) is a small town court officer living a quiet, seemingly normal life in the heart of Maine with his beloved family. That is, until he discovers a feral woman roaming the woods and makes it the family's project to civilize her. But as the family's methods of forcing civility upon the woman become ever more extreme, the perverse bonds uniting them unravel, exposing the darkness within. A household name for horror fans, Lucky McKee (MAY) returns to controversy with a brutally unsettling, darkly humorous take on the seething undercurrents of the American nuclear family. THE WOMAN has been hailed by some as a subversive masterpiece, by others as simply stomach-turning. Whatever you decide, THE WOMAN promises to be one of the most talked about films of the year.


Cinema Nova
Preview Screening with Q&A
Tuesday 9th of August @ 6:30pm
Season begins 18th of August

Chauvel Cinema
Preview Screening with Q&A
Wednesday 10th of August @ 8pm
Season begins 18th of August

To watch the film's trailer, visit the official Monster Pictures site at:

Sydney Film Festival - tickets on sale

End of Animal

SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL have just announced their full program and tickets are on sale.

One film you should not miss is END OF ANIMAL - This unconventional supernatural chiller from South Korea starts out with cab driver and his pregnant passenger picking up a mysterious and possibly psychic stranger on a lonely stretch of road.

Check out all the films and book tickets now at www.sff.org.au

INSIDIOUS – only at the Movies May 12


Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) have a happy family with their three young children. When tragedy strikes their young son, Josh and Renai begin to experience things that science cannot explain. James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the co-creators of SAW, join forces with the producers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to take you on a mind-bending journey into the world of the unknown. ONLY AT THE MOVIES MAY 12.

WOUND and THE REEF take out top honours for 2011

To view the full list of the award winners for this year's festival, click here.

Wound  The Reef

Exclusive Festival Warm-up Double Feature! Saturday March 26

Skew  Ludlow

Hunker down for a blood chilling double bill in the cozy confines of Sydney's home of cult cinema: The Mu-Meson Archives! A Night of Horror is delighted to present this amazing double bill, which includes the World premiere of the terrifying Canadian horror feature film Skew, accompanied by the Australian premiere of the deeply disturbing Ludlow.

*PLUS: The festival's special international guest Sevé Schelenz - director of Skew - will be at the screening to introduce his film, and to partake in a Q&A!*

Tickets for this special session only $10 and only available at the door. Doors open 7:30pm for 8:00pm start.

Full details here.


I Spit on Your Grave

To mark the launch of the 2011 A Night of Horror International Film Festival, Popcorn Taxi and A Night of Horror International Film Festival are offering Sydneysiders the opportunity to relive one of the most controversial horror films of all time in a very special retrospective screening.

In 1978, Meir Zarchi's I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE shocked audiences all over the world with its horrifyingly grisly tale of vengeance. Now, over 30 years later, Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced the release of a 2010 remake of the cult classic, bringing a whole new level of gore to the screen.

For one night only, a special late-night screening of the original 1978 cult classic I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE will be shown on the big screen and is sure to frighten even the most hardcore horror fans. Guests will then have the unique opportunity for a live Q&A with the film's writer/director Meir Zarchi following the screening.

PLUS: Trivia with DVD giveaways on the night!

DATE: Wednesday 16th March, 2011
TIME: 9pm sharp
PRICE: $20
LOCATION: Dendy Cinemas, 261 King Street, Newtown
TICKETS: Available at the door, and pre-bookings available from www.dendy.com.au
(Pre-booking is advised)

The 2010 remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and the original 1978 version will be available to own on DVD and Blu-ray from March 16, 2011.


The Tunnel

A Night of Horror International Film Festival is pleased to announce that it will kick off the 2011 program with a special sneak peek screening of THE TUNNEL on Thursday, March 31 at 7:00pm.

Directed by Filipino-Australian award winning director Carlo Ledesma and produced by Australian filmmakers Julian Harvey and Enzo Tedeschi, THE TUNNEL is the first Australian film produced where the budget was raised entirely online. The film tells a chilling tale of the underground Sydney train tunnels and a government cover-up. As the story unfolds it sees the darkness come to life as the main characters fight for their lives and their raw fear is captured on camera.

Join us before the screening, from 6:30pm in the Dendy Newtown foyer, and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine courtesy of Howling Wolves.

LOCATION: Dendy Cinema, Newtown. 261-263 King St, Newtown

TICKETS: On sale soon at www.dendy.com.au


Don't miss this very special screening of the modern grindhouse classic The Devil's Rejects, followed by a Q&A with Rob Zombie. Presented by Popcorn Taxi, the screening takes place at the Bondi Junction Event Cinemas on Monday 28th February at 7pm (sharp). Tickets are $35 and can be purchased from: www.popcorntaxi.com.au

The Devil's Rejects

The Devil's Rejects reunites the homicidal members of the Firefly family (House of 1000 Corpses), tracing their bloody flight from an outlaw sheriff hell-bent on revenge. Ambushed at their isolated home by Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) and a crack squad of heavily armed men, the Firefly family wake up one morning with guns-a-blazing. Only Otis (Bill Moseley) and his sister, Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), manage to escape the barrage of bullets unharmed. Hiding out in a backwater motel, the wanted siblings wait to rendezvous with their errant father, Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), killing whoever happens to stand in their way. As the body count mounts higher, Sheriff Wydell decides to take the law into his own hands, paving the way for one of the most originally depraved and electrifying showdowns in cinematic history.

Zombiethon @ Fantastic Planet
Three flesh-eating treats on Sat, Oct 30


Ok gore and gag lovers, be sure to check out Fantastic Planet, Sydney Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival, for a gut-munchingly good program of three zombie feature films sure to satiate your all consuming desire for human flesh! Tickets are available to each individual film, or brave the entire Zombiethon for the special price of $30. That's a bargain that is hot enough to wake the dead! There will be costume prizes on the night, so dust off your funeral garb, slap on some blood, or just come in your Halloween costume, and you're likely to shamble away with a free DVD!

Line up includes:
The Return of the Living Dead *Special 25th Anniversary Screening*
Evil in the Time of Heroes

Click here for full details.

Australian premiere of MACHETE,
closing night film at Fantastic Planet!
(Friday November 5, 7:00pm @ Dendy Newtown)


From acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez, comes an edgy and humorous send-up moulded on classic 70s exploitation action films featuring an all star cast including: Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert DeNiro, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Jeff Fahey, Steven Segal and Lindsay Lohan.

After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a rampage of revenge against his former boss with the help of some sexy kick-ass female fighters.

Don't miss the Australian premiere of this octane charged, highly anticipated film! And join us afterwards for the festival's awards ceremony and fantastic after party!

Viva Machete! Join us on: www.Facebook.com/MacheteAUS

LET ME IN hits Australian screens October 14!

Let Me In

Based on the best-selling Swedish book Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist, and the highly acclaimed film of the same name, Let Me In is a haunting coming-of-age tale and provocative thriller written and directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), and produced by horror brand Hammer Films.

It tells the story of Owen, a social outcast who is bullied at school, and befriends his neighbour, a mysterious 12 year old girl, who he comes to realise is like no-one he has ever met before... Starring Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Richard Jenkins (The Visitor).

Only at the Movies, OCTOBER 14

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE (3D) Only at the Movies!

Resident Evil: Afterlife

The fourth installment of the hugely successful RESIDENT EVIL franchise, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is again based on the wildly popular video game series, and will this time be presented in 3-D.

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, ALICE (Milla Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

Visit the film's official website here: www.ResidentEvilAfterlife.com.au

Like RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE on Facebook at: facebook.com/ResidentEvilAfterlifeAUS

© 2010 Screen Gems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Oz premiere of gross-out horror comedy The Taint
at Sydney Underground Film Festival

Australian Premiere: Friday 10 September 9:30pm
The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Road, Marrickville

The Taint

The water is tainted. The Taint poisons the minds of men. It turns them into raging misogynists: monsters who want nothing more than to crush women's heads with rocks (or other objects). When society is transformed into a land of sadistic violence and horrible brutality, it is up to Phil O'Ginny and his hot friend, Misandra, to combat the horrible evil that is The Taint. Can they survive a world brimming with castration and endless head crushing?

Portland Mercury's reviewer Dave Bow says, "...The Taint, the most entertaining pile of irredeemable trash I've seen in a long time. Purporting to be a satire on misogyny, Taint is really just an excuse to bash actresses' heads in with rocks. (It also has ejaculating zombies and a humorous home-abortion scene.) I can't recommend this movie, per se, but I also can't stop thinking about it—so maybe someone else should see it, just to confirm for me that it's real."

If you haven't got it by now, The Taint is a delightfully sloppy sillyfest thriller, which is sure to delight b-grade horror fans and those of us who still have a bit of teenage sniggering left in us. And who doesn't?


Order your tickets to The Taint at:

*To get discounted $9 tickets (+$1 booking fee) to The Taint, just email info@anightofhorror.com with "Taint discount" in the subject line. We'll send you a special promo code to use for discounted tickets when you order online.*

Presented in association with:
Sydney Underground Film Festival

Love on the Rocks
Australian Premiere: Thursday 26 August, 7:30pm
Mu-Meson Archives, Cnr Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St, Annandale
Entry: only $10 (includes free glass of wine on arrival)

Love on the Rocks

Don't miss the special screening of this dark and disturbed comedy, presented in association with the Sydney Underground Film Festival!

Meet Gavin. Gavin is a dick. Gavin is breaking up with his girlfriend Amber for... well, for no good reason. In his words, he wants to try the "sample platter". Amber, not taking lightly to being dumped for the worst reason ever, dives headfirst into a relationship with a dude named Patrick. Patrick doesn't seem a match for Amber, but he's just the kind of guy she needs after Gavin. Meanwhile Gavin hooks up with a hypnotist named Yasmine. So how does this end up with Amber wearing a ankle monitor and security cameras recording her every move and Gavin in a cage, after getting "fixed" by his new lady friend?


Screening partner:
Sydney Underground Film Festival

Special screening in association with Possible Worlds:
Sydney's 5th Canadian Film Festival!
Suck (followed by Vampire Ball)
Friday 6th August, 6:30pm, Queen St Studio, Broadway


Suck is a rock'n'roll vampire spoof about a down and out band, The Winners, who will do anything for a record deal. During a road trip, their image radically changes when bass player Jennifer emerges from a one strange one night stand sporting fangs and a sexually charged charisma that drives the audiences wild. But when legendary vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing enters the scene, the Winners question if fame and fortune is worth their gruesome existence.

Musicians Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Moby, Dimitri Coats, Alex Lifeson and Carole Pope co star in Suck, while Bowie, the Stones and The Velvet Underground all feature on its rock-literate soundtrack... meaning we just had to throw a party!

When the screening finishes, Queen St Studio will host The Vampire Ball, DJ'd by Sydney's consummate rock and roll vamp, Mz Ann Thropik. The Ball will feature a free beer & whisky bar, free pizza, installation artwork curated by PolyMorph Gallery's Nel Wolf, giveaways and prizes for best costumes.

After-party: show your Suck ticket for half-price entry to CLUB BLINK at the nearby Agincourt Hotel.

More details and bookings available by clicking here.

Screening partner:
Possible Worlds

The Horseman – the big winner at A Night of Horror 2010 -
opens across Australia July 8!
(And is now available in USA on DVD & Blu-Ray!)

The Horseman

If you missed the pulse-charging revenge masterpiece The Horseman at A Night of Horror earlier this year, here's your chance to catch it on the big screen as its Australian theatrical season starts next week. The film took out four of the festival's major awards (which is a first in the festival's history): "Best Australian Film", "Best Australian Director", "Best Male Performance" and "Best Female Performance". Yes, it really is that good: the entire A Night of Horror team agree that it is the best Australian film since Wolf Creek!

An action-packed, multi-award winning Australian thriller, The Horseman features a range of powerhouse performances in an unflinching study of grief & retribution. Explore the dark fantasies we all dream up when Christian (Peter Marshall) is sent a horrifying pornographic video featuring his recently deceased daughter. Setting out to find answers, he soon spirals into a world of violence and recklessness as he follows the links through the industry with his unique methods of brutal questioning.

Screening at:

Sydney: Chauvel Cinema (Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington)

Brisbane: Tribal Theatre (346 George Street, Brisbane)

Melbourne: Cinema Nova (380 Lygon St, Carlton)


"A very badass REVENGE flick" - Harry Knowles, Aint it Cool News

"Smart, Relentless" 4 stars - Empire Magazine

"Intense and Provocative" 4 stars - Time Out, UK

" One of the most intense, powerful, and aggressively compelling films I've seen in quite some time... a stunning lead performance by Peter Marshall" - Fearnet

"Writer/director Steven Kastrissios creates a pulverizing experience." - Cinematical

"A Powerhouse Debut...Wolf Creek meets Death Wish" - Sky Movies

Visit the films official site by clicking here.

The Haunting in Connecticut
Now Available in Australia to Own or Rent on BLU RAY and DVD!

The Haunting in Connecticut

If you missed the Australian premiere of The Haunting in Connecticut at A Night of Horror International Film Festival earlier this year (or if you were part of the fest's capacity audience that jumped in terror throughout, and want to relive the heart-stopping experience) now is your chance to grab a cop of this chilling film on Blu Ray or DVD.

Reportedly based on true events experienced by the Snedeker family in the 1970s, a family is forced to relocate for their son's health and they begin experiencing supernatural behaviour in their new home, which turns out to be a former mortuary.

It is 1987, and Connecticut teenager Matt Campbell (Kyle Gallner) is undergoing painful, experimental cancer treatments. Long drives to the hospital are making a trying experience even worse, so his mother, Sara (Madsen), rents an old house and moves the family closer to Matt's clinic. Soon after moving into the house, Matt begins to have disturbing hallucinations of strange figures; but believing these visions to be unfortunate side effects of his cancer therapy, he keeps them to himself. When the visions persist, a bit of sleuthing reveals the Campbells' new abode to be an old funeral home where séances were held in the 1920s by a mortician who also had dealings in the black arts that have left some restless spirits wandering the house.

Just as The Amityville Horror was the defining haunted house film of the 70s, and Poltergeist its 80s equivalent, The Haunting in Connecticut sets the bar for today; successfully capturing the timeless dread of what waits beyond the veil. The film is the breathtaking feature debut from Australian director Peter Cornwell.

2010 Festival Award Winners Announced

Click here for a list of this year's winners!

Lisa Mitchell, Kerry Prior and Dean Bertram
Festival directors Dean Bertram and Lisa Mitchell with Kerry Prior, winner of
"Best Director" and "Best Film" for his feature submission
The Revenant.

Full Festival Program Now Online!

The complete program for the 2010 festival season is now online.

Click here to check it out!

The Revenant Triangle

Don't Miss Out! Buy Your Festival Tickets Now!

Tickets now on sale for all Dendy Newtown sessions - click here for details

Horror/Comedy of the Decade Zombieland  in Australian Cinemas from December 3!


The no-holds barred action comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is a big wuss – but when you're afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear can keep you alive. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is an AK-totin', zombie-slayin' badass whose single determination is to get the last Twinkie on earth. As they join forces with Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who have also found unique ways to survive the zombie mayhem, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombies.

Dread Central: "The funniest zombie tale since Shaun of the Dead... Zombieland is a killer comedy with a vicious sense of humor. It's the kind of movie where, halfway through, you'll wish you already owned the DVD."

Arrow in the Head: "I can't remember the last time I had this much fun at the movies! Zombieland was amazing – the REAL DEAL!"

Fearnet: "A pitch-perfect example of how tasty the 'horror/comedy' combo can be... it just might be the best American comedy horror ever made."

Believe the buzz, this is the must see horror comedy of the decade!

Zombieland and 2 Other Amazing Horror Premieres this Halloween at Sydney's Fantastic Planet Film Festival

This Halloween, A Night of Horror is delighted to be premiering three of the season's best horror films at Fantastic Planet: Sydney Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival.

Fantastic Planet is invading the screens of Dendy Newtown from October 30 to November 6. This festival will be showcasing an international program of bold, speculative genre films that explore other imagined worlds, universes, and realities: offering Sydney audiences celluloid visions of alternative futures, pasts, and presents. More details are available at the official site: www.fantasticplanetfilmfestival.com

A Night of Horror is making sure that the Fantastic Planet program runs red with blood on both October 30 and 31st! And as you've come to expect, there will be giveaways galore!

Saturday, October 31, 7:00pm

Special Halloween screening: Come in Halloween costume and receive a FREE horror DVD or magazine!

What better way to spend your Halloween than at this exclusive Australian premiere screening!

Infestation  Strigoi

Saturday, October 31, 11:45pm for Midnight Screening

With Special Halloween Treat: Free horror or sci-fi DVD for each ticket buyer!

Shawn of the Dead meets Them! in this side-splitting, lightning-paced, balls-to-the-wall creature feature. The perfect way to enjoy the witching hour this Halloween.

Infestation starts at a full sprint and never slows down: the film's hero, Cooper, awakens to find himself nauseous, weak and covered in webbing, hanging from the ceiling of an office where, just minutes ago, he started his new job. As he struggles out of his slimy prison he comes face to face with his opponent - a grotesque, powerful and very angry bug. All 3 feet of it. And so begins a hideous, nail-biting, comedic, all-action adventure to find a safe haven while constantly outwitting an infestation of monstrous proportions. As Cooper embarks on his journey, he befriends a ragtag group of survivors including the feisty and attractive Sara. Although the situation is dire, Cooper can't help himself from trying to solve his dating problem while trying to save his life. Will they make it to safety before they are picked off one by one? And what other surprises are in store for our group of unlikely heroes?

Friday, October 30, 9:00pm

Get your blood pumping for Halloween with Strigoi, a vampire movie that defies categorization.

Shedding a fantastic light on a post-communist Romanian village, the film introduces us to an ancient myth: Strigoi, the belief that a person can rise again after death to seek justice if they've been wronged, their appetites intensified by their hunger for blood. A deeply human take on an old horror story, the darkly comic horror/fantasy film explores the old world versus the new and delves into the heart of modern Romania.

There are no beautiful, angst-ridden, teen vampires in this film. Instead, shot on location in the heart of real Dracula country, Strigoi tears away the glossy veneer of current Hollywood reimaginings of the vampire myth, and reintroduces us to the dark essence of the original undead legend. It is a must-see film for any true vampire fan.

Advance bookings through Dendy Newtown

Phone: (02) 9550 5699

Or online: www.dendy.com.au

Case 39 in Australian cinemas from November 5

A social worker (Renée Zellweger) fights to save a girl from her abusive parents, only to discover that the situation is more dangerous than she ever expected.

Case 30

Check out the film's official web site at: www.case39movie.com

The Surgical Sideshow Epic - October 1 to 9 - PACT Theatre, Erskineville

The Surgical Sideshow

The Surgical Sideshow have been performing guests of A Night of Horror for the past two years.
Their show is best described as live theatre performed by two giant skeletons, who also happen to be rival surgeons.

The Surgical Sideshow finally present their first, feature-length, solo show, in the form of a very strange play they call "The Surgical Sideshow Epic" - a brain-bursting, heart-tearing, spine-whipping tale of Love, Surgery and Revenge.

This particular show is being described as: "a live theatrical production that appears to be attempting to blend a cartoon version of the 1932 film Metropolis with a pantomime version of Night of the Living Dead".
Even now, the perceivable boundaries of human imagination quake with apprehension.

There are eight opportunities to view this truly unique event at the PACT Theatre, Erskineville.
Opening Night is Thursday, 1st of October. The final night performance will be on Friday, the 9th.
Doors open at 7pm. The Show begins at 8.
Tickets can be bought in advance at www.tenderloins.com.au
Further information and pretty pictures may be seen at www.thesurgicalsideshow.com
On Sunday the show will be performed as a matinée starting at 2pm with doors opening at 1.
There will be absolutely no show on the Monday.

Rodrigo Gudiño's award-winning
Rue Morgue Cinema shorts now on DVD


Rue Morgue Cinema releases Rodrigo Gudiño's award winning shorts to DVD together for the very first time. Rue Morgue Cinema presents CURIOUS STORIES, CROOKED SYMBOLS: The Short Films of Rodrigo Gudiño, features three films have traveled extensively around the world sweeping up awards and accolades, including the festival favourite The Eyes of Edward James, the multi-award winning The Demonology of Desire, and the 2009 Genie Award nominated The Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow. CURIOUS STORIES, CROOKED SYMBOLS is a collection of visionary short films from Rue Morgue magazine's founding editor and publisher, whom Firefox News calls "one of the most compelling new directors on the scene".

We are proud to have screened all three of these deeply disturbing and brilliantly realised films at A Night of Horror over the years. Packed with extras the DVD collection is a must have for any serious horror fan.

"Brave, provocative, blackly comic and deeply perverse."
Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

"Bizarre, shocking and brilliantly done."
Raindance Film Fest

"Horrifying yet mesmerizing."
The Toronto Sun

"One fucked-up number."
Ain't It Cool News

Available direct from www.Rue-Morgue.com

Sorority Row in Australian Cinemas from September 10

Sorority Row

When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the murder of one of their sisters in a prank gone wrong, they agree to keep the matter to themselves and never speak of it again, so they can get on with their lives. This proves easier said then done when after graduation a mysterious killer goes after the five of them and anyone who knows their secret.

A re-imagining of the 1983 cult classic, The House on Sorority Row, this modern tale of revenge served ice cold, echoes the original's mix of horror and humour while creating a fresh take on terror uniquely its own.

If you were an "Official Festival Fiend" you and a friend would be seeing Sorority Row for free. Click here to purchase your discounted earlybird "Fiend Pass" for the 2010 festival now!

A Night of Horror - Perth, Western Australia Tour!
October 8-12, Luna Cinema Leederville

A spectacular collection of the best and bloodiest films from A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2009 is travelling to Perth, Western Australia this October!

The Perth event will run over five nights, presenting a terrifying program of grisly shorts and freaky features, plus a spectacular assortment of haunting films inspired by iconic cult writer H.P. Lovecraft. Including The Call of Cthulhu: the most authentic and unsettling adaptation of a Lovecraft tale to ever hit the screen!

Join the Zombie Walk through Leederville along Oxford St – Thursday, October 8! Starts 7:30pm from HQ Skate Park, and lurches to Luna Outdoor Cinema for Opening Night. Get zombified and stagger straight into the launch party at 8pm for drinks and pizza. Plus local music marauders - Fear of Comedy - breakout in song before we roll the films at 9pm.

Festival directors and filmmakers will share their skills, chills, and thrills when it comes to independent horror filmmaking and their unconditional love of the genre at the A Day of Horror discussion panel at 1pm Sat Oct 10 Leederville TAFE Oxford St Leederville.

Do not miss the ultimate horror film extravaganza! Tickets on sale and full program details at: www.lunapalace.com.au

A Night of Horrow in W.A.

This event is proudly sponsored by:
ScreenWest RTRFM Central TAFE Crumpler Lotterywest

ANOH at the Grossmann Film and Wine Festival, Slovenia - August 10-15!

A Night of Horror is proud to bring a selection of the world's best and bloodiest short films to Grossmann! The program features a cornucopia of terrifying Slovenian premieres, including: The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow, an ingenuously layered and deeply disturbing animation from Rodrigo Gudino (founder of Rue Morgue, the world's top horror magazine) and Vincent Marcone. Some other highlights are: Treevenge, director Jason Eisener's multi-award winning and hilariously gore-soaked tale about rampaging Christmas trees; and AM 1200 a pulse-charging masterpiece from auteur David Prior.

Grossmann Film and Wine Festival

Whatever your taste in horror, your appetite will be fully satiated with this blood-soaked cinematic buffet!

More details at: http://www.grossmann.si

Winner of "Best Australian Film" A Night of Horror 2009
I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer
Now available to rent!

There's a game so torturous, so excruciating, so disturbing, so boring, you'll wish you were already dead. There are many ways to die, but none more unpleasant than being ripped apart by some nutter in his cricket kit!

In a heady Australian summer, a young cricketer is hospitalised by his bullying team mates. Twenty years later he returns to wreak his bloody revenge.

Scotland Yard hotshot Kim Reynolds arrives in Sydney to assist New South Wales Detectives Gary Chance and Shane Scott in the hunt for the serial killer terrorising Sydney. The remaining team members are relocated to a safe house in Joadja Creek, unfortunately it doesn't turn out to be that safe!

One by one, in the remote Australian outback, the team members are dismissed by the moustachioed serial killer with a razor sharp cricket glove and an arsenal of sharpened stumps.

This time they'll get to keep the Ashes!

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer

"5 stars" - critical-film.com

"...great fun..!" - aintitcool.com

"...delivers everything you'd expect from a cricket-themed satirical slasher and more!" - frightfest.co.uk

Cast of newcomers include Jai Koutrae, Stacey Edmonds, Az Jackson & featuring Arianna Starr (Miss Nude Australia).

For more info visit: http://www.therunsmovie.com

Packed with extras!

- Director's commentary
- Making runs
- Bloody FX
- Shower scene uncut
- Canteen scene grade
- Abetoir Film Festival Q & A
- Joadja diary
- Audio mix diary
- Hell City Glamours music video

"Best Shorts of ANOH 2009" travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

A selection of some of the best and bloodiest short films from A Night of Horror 2009 are screening as a special side program at the 3rd Kratkofil International Film Festival in Banja Luka (June 16 - 20).

The jaw-dropping program includes:

The Facts in the Case of Mr Hollow - Dir. Rodrigo Gudino, (CAN)

Una Storia Di Lupi (A Wolves' Tale) - Dir. Cristiano Donzelli, (ITA)

Treevenge - Dir. Jason Eisener, (CAN)

Excision - Dir. Richard Bates, 18 mins (USA)

A Break in the Monotony - Dir. Damien Slevin (AUS)

AM 1200 - Dir. David Prior (USA)

Visit the Kratkofil site at: http://www.kratkofil.org/

Click to visit the Kratkofil site

Lesbian Vampire Killers in Australian Cinemas from May 21!

Two no-hopers. One cursed village. A bus full of foreign female students and an army of salacious lesbian vampires. It's going to be one hell of a night.

BAFTA winning comedy duo James Corden and Mathew Horne decide to escape their problems and pack their bags for a weekend of debauchery.

Things don't quite go according to plan and they find themselves stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. As the night unfolds the boys have to put all their fears (and dreams!) behind them in order to rise to the challenge of becoming Lesbian Vampire Killers.

If you were an Official Festival Fiend you'd be seeing this film for free! Join now for complimentary screenings during the year, assorted horror giveaways, and a full season pass to A Night of Horror 2010!

Lesbian Vampire Killers
Cockneys Vs. Zombies
Fantastic Planet